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Yeshua: The Hebrew Word for Jesus

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Israel - For Israel & the Land

For Israel and the Land

Christian Zionists United for the Land of Israel
G-d's Covenant with Avraham / The Gospel According to Torah
Christians For Israel Communities: Adopt a West Bank Settlement in Israel
Christian Zionist Organization: Bridges for Peace
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The Zionist Organization of America
Orthodox Jewish Site: World Zionist Organization
Women in Green

Christian and Jewish Organizations United for the Land of Israel
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Americans for a Safe Israel


The Hebraic Life and Ministry of the Messiah

Hebraic Life of Yeshua

This teaching will help you to identify with the Hebraic Life, Ministry and Teachings of Yeshua the Messiah. Yeshua was born a Jew. He lived a Jew. He died a Jew. He celebrated the weekly Sabbath and annual Festivals. He taught the Torah in parables and the Torah to all nations from Jerusalem during the Messianic Era.

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