Basics of Judaism ~ Watch Videos

The information provided in these pages is for Christians who desire to have a basic understanding of modern Judaism. The ROOTS of Christianity come from the culture of Biblical Judaism and the worship of Ancient Israel. The Bible, both Old and New Testament, is a Jewish book. Yeshua/Jesus is a Jew. The Disciples of Yeshua/Jesus and the Apostle Paul were Torah Observant Jews. While the beliefs and practices of modern Judaism is not always the same beliefs and practices of Judaism in the 1st Century, the Orthodox Jews have preserved and kept many of the same traditions. In order to connect the past with the present, as more and more Christians are desiring to STUDY the Hebraic/Jewish Roots of Christianity, they want to have a better understanding of the basics of modern Judaism. These pages have all the necessary information in order to understand modern Judaism and all the various sects and beliefs within Judaism today.

Even though the ROOTS of Christianity comes from Judaism and even though Yeshua/Jesus and His disciples were Torah Observant Jews, because Judaism does not recognize Yeshua/Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, it is UNTHINKABLE for Christians who are studying the Hebraic/Jewish Roots of Christianity to convert to Judaism.

Even so, may these pages on the "Basics of Judaism" help you in your studies.