Acts 10 ~ Watch Videos

In Acts 10, Peter has a vision of a sheet descending from heaven with all kinds of animals on it. He hears the Lord say, “Rise Peter, kill and eat.” Acts 10:13. What is this vision really about? Is it about a “change” in the dietary laws (Leviticus 11)? Or is it about something else entirely? Listen in as Eddie teaches on Peter’s vision and brings clarity and insight to a much misunderstood vision!

The context for Peter’s vision is this: Peter’s vision is a prophetic picture of Yeshua’s heart of reconciliation. He wants a God fearer who is a non Jew, one who is devout to the Torah according to Yeshua, to have fellowship with a Jew (Peter). It is a rabbinic teaching that a Jew is not to be in the same house as a non-Jew. If Peter follows rabbinic Judaism, he would NOT have fellowship with Cornelius, but Yeshua wants Peter to have fellowship with Cornelius, because Cornelius is kosher in the sight of Yeshua. Cornelius is a prophetic picture of the house of Israel (the non-Jewish part of the nation/family of Israel.) Peter is a prophetic picture of the house of Judah (the Jewish part of the nation/family of Israel).